Project 1 - Peer-to-peer and interface protocols using C  1.0
A half-duplex layered communication system.
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file  client.c
 Used to test layer.h.
file  layer.c
file  layer.h [code]
 Global header file for all layers, containging all necessary libraries and defining global preprocessor directives such as the chunk size.
file  layer1.c
 Layer 1 maintains byte ordering such that the receiver receives the first byte sent before receiving the second byte, etc.
file  layer2.c
 Layer 2 provides the transmission and receipt of a chunk of data.
file  layer3.c
 Layer 3 provides the capability to send and receive messages, where a message is defined as any sequence of bytes.
file  layer4.c
 Layer 4 adds simple error detection to layer 4 services.
file  layer5.c
 Layer 5 provides higher application layers with a mechanism for sending and receiving a simple C struct.
file  proj1test.c
file  server.c
 Server Side used to test layer.h.